StainlessDeal Mobile Pressure Washing             
Our Story
About StainlessDeal

I'm Scott Millen, and my wife and I started StainlessDeal Mobile Pressure
Washing as part of our rehabilitation after a drunk driver hit us the night before I
planned to propose.  I love this business, and I enjoy all it has brought me.

I had been in the transportation industry for long years, and wanted to start a
family.  After the crash I was incapable of the strong physical demands of my
past trade, and desired a new challenge, one of craftsmanship and
independence.  After consulting with the good people of Nebraska Vocational
Rehabilitation, it was decided that I was able to take on the task of creating my
own small business.

Since I have had a considerable amount of stainless steel added to my skeleton
as a result of my injuries, Tricia, my clever wife, suggested that we call our
fledgling business "StainlessDeal" as a nod to the sort of strong value and
cleanliness we would be providing our customers.

As corny as it may sound, I have been greatly humbled by the help and
generosity of the people I have met in this field.  I have made a great number of
friends, from around the country, that share my trade.  In an effort to serve that
community, my peers , I have become a moderator and regular contributor at
two of the best respected online forums for power washing contractors

I have learned my trade at the knees of the most respected men and women in
the industry.  It is no stretch to say that I am in daily contact with the industry
leaders.  Many are my personal friends.

I am dedicated to providing excellent, on-time, on-budget service to my
customers, and to forming lasting relationships with them.  It is my sincere hope
that I can add a valuable service to the families in my area that wish to maintain
their properties as well as is possible.

After all, I do always say, "There is no space for dirt in StainlessDeal."

Right now Tricia and I have only our dogs, Petey and Oliver to keep us company
at home, but we are expecting to be blessed with our first child sometime at the
end of July or the beginning of August, in 06.  Pics will follow soon after.

We have been well and truly blessed with great friends, a loving family, and a
wonderful life.  We are thankful for the great blessings in our lives.